Volume-1 Issue-1, April 2020
Published By: Ishan Ayurveda Medical College and Research Centre
1 Author Dr. Prachi Mishra 8 to 11
Paper TitleAyurvedic Concept of Leucorrhoea w.s.r. to Sweta Pradara
2 Author Dr. Naveed-Us-Saher Khan 12 to 16
Paper TitleAyurvedic Approach of Asrigdara (Menorrhagia) w.s.r. to DUB
3 Author Dr. Sakshi Bakshi 17 to 23
Paper Title A Review on Dysmenorrhea w.s.r to Kashtartava
4 Author Dr. Divya Chauhan 24 to 29
Paper Title Stree Rogas: Healing with Panchakarma
5 Author Dr. Anita B. Kulakarni (Joshi) 30 to 32
Paper TitleAyurvedic Treatment of PCOD
6 Author Dr.Parul Yadav 33 to 36
Paper TitleEtiopathogenesis of Streevandhyatva & its Chikitsa in Ayurveda
7 Author Dr. Sahil Mehta37 to 41
Paper Title Allergy "An Ayurvedic Prospective"
8 Author Dr. Neha Awasthi 42 to 50
Paper Title Ayurvedic Management of Aamvata W.S.R to Rheumatoid Arthritis